Online congresses: the platform for virtual scientific congresses and online conventions


LiveCongress is the platform developed to host virtual and hybrid medical- scientific congresses, with the possibility of granting CME credits (Continuing Medical Education)

The medical-scientific congress, be it online or in presence, is replicated in a digital and customisable scenario, complete with exhibition area, plenary conferences, digital workshop rooms, meeting rooms online, roundtables, networking areas and personal agendas. Furthermore, the platform includes specific poster areas, in which it is possible to upload documents, pre-registered videos or other documents, which can be consulted by the participants of the symposium or congress.

This functionalities, together with an effective and intuitive usability, allow doctors and scientists to share a complete and interactive experience, also in the case of a hybrid format. In this latter scenario, the participants’ experience in a physical location is replicated and even broadened thanks to the use of digital technologies, which make it possible for the attendees to enjoy the event in real time wherever they are.

The digital platform includes an advanced reporting system, which, complying with the current normative, traces the visitors’ activities and time spent on the platform, also offering the possibility to export the collected data and certify the users’ participation to the individual CME training modules.



  • Integrated experience: Availability of all main congressional areas (exhibition area, networking area, conference rooms, workshop rooms, roundtables, one-to-one video meetings)
  • Customisation: High range for platform customisation, both in the graphic layout and in the implementation and development of additional features
  • Multilingual: The platform is available in the main international languages, in order to ensure access at the event to exhibitors and congress members from all over the world
  • Exhibition Area: Map of the medical-scientifico sponsors’ exhibition booths organized by different themes and with a dedicated search engine
  • Virtual stand: A dedicated area to each sponsor where you can consult documents (PDF, images, videos…), view the scheduled interventions and get in touch with exhibitors
  • Poster Area: Repository available to users for the consultation of documents, pre-registered videos and images
  • My Agenda: Management of exhibitors’ and sponsors’ personal agendas, with the goal of booking video meetings
  • Instant polls: Integrated management of instant pre-programmed polls during conferences and workshops
  • Live Q&As: Congress participants’ Q&As’ management in conferences and workshops, with live audio/video stream (go on stage)
  • Q&A Moderation: Filtering and moderation of the questions from the public during the Q&A sessions of the symposium (both via text and with audio/video feed )
  • Live Reactions: Possibility to express your satisfaction level during the live streams using a set of emoticons


  • Virtual Rooms: Dedicated rooms (staging room, waiting room, translation room) for the reception and management of the speakers (conference, workshop, roundtable, etc…)
  • Push notifications: Push messages sent to specific user classes (e. g. visitors, sponsors, VIPs, …), for promotional or service purposes
  • Real-Time Replay: Workshops’ and conferences’ replays are available online on the platform immediately after their conclusion
  • Ticket Office: Management canon for ticket office (SIAE compatible) throughout our MTicket technology
  • CMEs: Thanks to the elevated ability of tracking participants’ activities, the platform is suitable to the emanation of CME training credits
  • Reporting: A reserved area for the layout if the organizer for the tracking of the access of the congressmen, their activity and the time they stay on the single formative forms
  • Export of data: Possibility for exhibitors and sponsors to export in real-time the participants’ personal and event participation related data



  • Browser access: Digital medical-scientific conferences are accessible using the most common browsers (no need to download applications or extra plug-in)
  • 3D Rendering: Possibility to create 3D locations and booths in the welcome area, exhibition area, etc…
  • Multiscreen design: The platform is developed in responsive HTML5 and is able to guarantee the accessibility by any type of device (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Audio/Video flows: System can be supplied via WebRTC or live streaming technologies
  • Compatible with GDPR: Servers are located in Europe for total combability with the GDPR normative on the protection of users’ data
  • Safety: Access to the digital symposium is protected by unique credentials and login, SSL safety protocol and firewall
  • Fault Tolerance: Redundant server infrastructure and streaming and web connectivity, in order to ensure the maximum level of continuity in the service
  • Integration of third parties’ API: Possibility to connect to the client’s informative architecture ( CRM, LDAP, Active Directory, … systems) for single sign on access







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